Bored with the gym, try something new



Are you bored with going to the gym? Tired of endless miles on a treadmill where you just don’t seem to get anywhere.?


Why not try something new. It is a workout with the same intensity as doing burpees over and over again combined with the cardio output of a marathoner’s speed workout.


There’s more snow in New England, grab a snow shovel. Can you dig it?


Why do I work out?



The weather is finally getting nice. So I’ve had the chance to wear shorts. What I discovered when I put on my shorts is they don’t quite fit as nicely as they did last summer.


I guess that happens when you spend a long winter not exercising. I’ve been trying to eat healthy, though I don’t always succeed. And I know that working out plays a role in body shaping, which helps me fit into my clothes.


This got me thinking, why do I work out? Is it to look a certain way? Or is it to be a healthy person? Or perhaps it is a little of both.





My work out has been rather limited. I am mostly relegated to doing the exercises I learn in physical therapy. Simple exercises that increase range of motion in my ankle and help to strengthen the muscles in my lower leg. My workout is mentally exhausting because I am trying to get my body to do things that it doesn’t want to but I know it should be able to. The physical exertion is almost nil. That is until today.

Today, I found a work out that raises my heart rate, works my core, and has virtually no impact. And no it is not swimming. (I’ve decided against swimming for the time being because I really don’t want to tax any muscles that we are just now starting to strengthen.) Today I went in the garage and pulled out the hula-hoop.


My guess is the warm weather and spending some time outside triggered something child like in me. Jim, Kia, and I went down to the beach today to soak up some sun and break up the monotony of doing homework, studying for the advancement exam, and grading discussion board posts. While we were on the beach we saw kids doing what kids do best, playing.


When we got home I intended to grab my book and read outside. Instead I went to the garage and pulled out the hoop. The hoop has a temporary home in the living room. My plan is to use it from time to time so I can do a mini work out. I know it’s no 5k, crossfit, or surfing but I have to say it is far better than what I have been doing the past 7 weeks.

Hula hoop


That voice in your head, it’s trying to tell you something




Do you ever get a voice in your head? One that goes so far as to tap you on the shoulder, shake its head, and say bad idea.


Most people have. The better question might be how often do you listen to that voice?


It is telling you something for a reason.


I’ve heard that voice a few times in my life. There have been days when I refused to paddle out. I couldn’t explain it but something just felt off. I’ve been on a run and felt a pain in my leg and just knew I needed to stop running and walk.


Then there are the times when I disregard that voice. Most recently when I was playing volleyball. As soon as I landed after a hit something felt wrong with my knee. But did I stop playing? Of course not because that would have been the smart thing to do.


As I go through the recovery process with my knee it just doesn’t seem to be getting better. The past few days the voice in my head went from a gentle reminder to more of a yell. I listened and went back to the doctor, and now I have an MRI scheduled.


I’ve also tapered off of most of my workouts. I am still doing my leg lifts and walking. But aside from that I am forcing myself to stay out of the gym. The side affects are tighter fitting jeans and feeling fluffy, but it seems like a small price to pay.


The last time I went cross fit I tried doing a box step up with a weight. It’s a really simple exercise and move. When I did, my knee felt like someone took a scraper to the inside of it. This time my knee took matters into its own hands and sent a really strong message.


A few times during the week I was tempted to go back to cross fit. But that voice in my head kept saying no. This week one my students offered some more sound advice by saying I could hurt my knee more since we don’t really know what’s wrong. Thanks Vince, great advice.


I admit I am still really bummed out about not being able to do some of my most favorite things. But the time away just feels like the right thing to do. I think I am making peace with life right now. The upside of finding peace is I am less likely to turn to ice cream.

Something’s gotta give


Something’s gotta give

After coming home from a Disney Vacation, I found myself sick. I felt like my head was being pushed in at the sides and I had a really fun cough. Even though I wasn’t feeling right, I kept trying to maintain my physical activities.

This proved to be a very bad idea.

I started my training plan for my half and full, have been surfing, and I have to workout with my class. Doing all three was just too much. My body was just beat. Instead of getting healthy from a good workout, all I was doing was getting more and more sick.

Though I hate cutting back I knew something had to give. And for me right now it is running. The cardio part of running is too taxing for me right now. The other day I found myself winded after walking up a small hill.

The big takeaway from this, get healthy. If you don’t you will find you are sidelined from everything.