To community college and beyond



Kia is nearing the end of her high school sports career. We are in the middle of the basketball season which means track season is right around the corner.

Graduating high school signifies not only the end of Kia playing sports but the end of being a spectator at her games.


Like many seniors Kia has no idea what she wants to do next year. We are encouraging her to go to school, somewhere. The thought of college sports was far from our minds until about two weeks ago.

Leah (the head coach for the MHS volleyball team) arranged a meeting between some of the seniors and the head coach from the Community College of Rhode Island volleyball team. The meeting resulted in Kia and one of the other girls going up for a try out. Coach liked what she saw and she is ready to recruit some Islanders.

This means not only will Kia get a chance to continue playing sports in college, but Jim and I will get a chance to keep on cheering for our girl!

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Too much to chew


I don’t recommend biting off more than you can chew. However, when you do reach capacity you discover a lot about yourself. You find out just how much you can handle. And you discover what keeps you on the right side of sane.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind in our house. At age 50, Jim, has gone back to school and is a freshman in college. Our daughter Dominique is a freshman and is on the track team and in the chorus. And a few months ago I started working on my master’s degree.

As a result of the hectic schedule, it was difficult finding time to do my homework, while also making sure I could attend track meets and cook dinner. I found 4 AM was the best time to do homework. Sleep is something I love and compromising it was not easy. My afternoons were filled with coffee to energize me just enough to finish the day. Jim and I found a few moments here and there to have a date and share war stories about school.

My run is the only thing I refused to compromise. I was finally getting back in shape after the foot injury and I was not about to go back to square one again. No matter how exhausted I was from rushing to a track meet, work, or writing a paper I had to devote 30 minutes to a run around the neighborhood.

Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like a lot. But in reality those precious minutes were just what I needed to clear my head and get away. My short runs were a mini-escape. Just enough to keep me moving forward and sane.

One of my classes has ended, track season is winding down, and Jim is almost done with finals. I think for a while we’ll be sure to take smaller bites.