Parades and Races



Jim and I survived the constant barrage of precipitation as we joined our friends to support and promote Clean Ocean Access in the annual Newport St Patrick’s day parade. While we were out on the parade route I realized that walking in a parade has a lot of similarities to running a 5k.


Of course there is the obvious, both have a start and a finish. At both the start and finish of a parade and a race you will find spectators who cheer for you as you go along the course.


The next and maybe a little less obvious similarity is the beer. Many of the races Jim and I did over the years were accompanied by beer either during but usually after the race. This similarity could be because this was a St Patty’s Day parade but there was definitely lots of beer and other beverages which Dionysus would approve.


Finally and probably the most important similarity was the sense of community. One of the things I love about road races is how it brings people together. Even though there was rain falling from the start of the parade to the finish, people still came out to the streets of Newport to celebrate this fine holiday.


Happy St Patrick’s Day.

St Patty’s Day Walk


Jim and I signed up to do the Providence run with the intent of having it be Jim’s first run since the surgery. Unfortunately it did not work out that way. I decided to go ahead and get hurt so it was a 5k walk for us.


The only other time we’ve really walked a 5k was at Disney. So this was a new experience for us. It was a different perspective. The people at the back of the pack are so supportive of the lead runners but also the runners around them. There were quite a few first time runners.

We passed by three women. One was running her first race. She seemed discouraged because she was walking. The other ladies kept telling her that she was out and running today so she should be proud.

And as we crossed the finish and received our medal, I heard one girl exclaim how proud she was to have finished her first race and get her first medal. What a feeling that must be?

The other joy of taking a walk was we got to enjoy the view. After the run, Providence was doing their St Patty’s Day parade. Bands were lined up and playing, clowns were on the route, and bagpipers were piping. The runners were dressed in their most festive green, well most of the runners. The mullet guys looked like they were auditioning for Reno 911.

This race really set the tone for this holiday. Next weekend we won’t be running but enjoying our first St Patrick’s day in Newport.

St Patty’s Day Run


Running is so much more fun when it involves a holiday or costumes. That is one of the reasons we love Halloween runs so much. Well this is our first year living in Rhode Island and we hear St Patty’s day is similar to Halloween. Today we are going dawn our new shirts, hit the streets, and do a 5k as a way to celebrate this fine holiday. I’m sure we won’t be the most dressed up people out there, but that’s okay. This will be the first 5k I’ve done where I am doing nothing but walking. That means I should be able to take LOTS of good pictures.

How Arts and Crafts and Running Mix.


I have never been a really crafty person. Creative yes, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to translate the image I see in my head to the project I want to create. You can ask anyone who attended my first Christmas Ornament Party. I think someone said that I would have made something better if I ate the glitter and pooped it. (And don’t ask why someone as un-crafty as me would want to do an ornament making party in the first place).


But despite my inability, I keep doing crafts. I have found one area where my creativity, craftiness, a glue gun, and usually lots safety pins converged, making costumes for runs.

It may seem silly to get dressed up for a run, but we like to put the fun in run. I guess running a long distance with a tuu-tuu or dressed as Kevin and Russell from Up just makes the experience much more tolerable.

We continue the trend. Today we took another trip to Michael’s. We are onto project tie-dye St Patty’s day shirts. I wanted to do it last year after the success we had with our Mickey tie-dye. Now that we live in a place the really embraces St Patty’s day it seems a must.

I may still be out of commission for running the race next weekend but I should be in commission for a nice walk. Why not do it with some style and flare?