4-6 Weeks


After some poking, prodding, and twisting, Doc says all the symptoms are consistent with a torn meniscus. Fun! That means 4-6 weeks of physical therapy along with 4-6 weeks of no running, jumping, or twisting my knee. Which translates to no running, no surfing, no SUPing, no volleyball……

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This injury strips me of my usual repertoire of healthy activities. Not only are these the things I do to stay physically fit but they also help me stay sane.


This means I need a new workout. So this week I tried something new.


For weeks I have been hearing tales of this amazing work out called crossfit. Rob and Chris from work share stories of bruises, bangs, and big lifts. For the past few weeks I’ve been considering checking it out. I just needed a catalyst to really motivate me. Who knew a knee injury would do the trick?


I know what your probably thinking, how can you do crossfit if you can’t do any impact or twisting? Easy, just modify exercises so it is low impact and you don’t twist.



Force Newport Crossfit (http://www.forcenewportcrossfit.com/CrossFit/) let’s you try a workout before you commit. The night I went we did box jumps (modified of course), kettle bell swings, squats, and slam balls. It was a solid workout called “three minutes of fun”.


In addition to conditioning the body, the workout forced me to be present. And that is what I need for my mental conditioning.


I have yet to commit and become an official crossfitter. But it got me thinking about other workouts I can try, like getting the dust of my yoga mat.


Running is my stable life


Running is my Stable life- Kelly Johnston

Running. It does a lot for me. It doesnt just go as far as keeping me happy. It reaches way beyond that. It keeps me from feeling fat. It makes me feel more loving towards everything in my life. It keeps me stable at work when everything is going wrong. It keeps me balanced when I have five billion things coming at me all at once. It makes me feel sexy. Which in turn makes my husband happy. It keeps me from losing my marbles when my daughter poops her pants when I need to get to the airport yesterday. It makes those once size four jeans but now size six jeans feel like I am wearing a size two because of how good my ass looks and feels. It makes me feel like I can take on the world by myself when my husband deploys most of the year. It allows me to drink excessive amounts of wine without guilt. It keeps me from strangling coworkers who just get under my skin. It’s my link to my beautiful mother in law. My therapy beyond the couch. It’s my girls morning out instead of a night. It’s my husbands savor and my daughters joy ride in a stroller. It’s my way of life. The one thing that is always the to give me grace and sanity.