Princess Marathon number 4, done


I am happy to say all of the coast(ie) runners who started the Princess Marathon finished. Even our spectators made it from start line, Magic Kingdom, and to the finish line again. I hear that is better than some of the people on the course. The runners saw some people being tended to by medical people at various spots along the course. But our support crew were joined by some runners on the monorail. I guess there were complaints about having to wait too long in the corral before the start. I have been on some bad runs before and it has never occurred to me to quit.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. We got to play in the Disney parks, ride lots of rides, eat lots of good food, and run a great race with nearly perfect weather.

My goal is to run the first five Princess Marathons. 1-4 done. Number 5 to go. I think we need to go much bigger next year. Jim and I are already trying to come up with a costume.

Disney can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Princesses in 2013!



The last two weeks have been rather difficult for me. I have had to make myself not go running. After being used to moving stopping is difficult. I would imagine it is nearly as difficult as asking a kid to freeze when they play freeze tag. Kids don’t like to sit still. They need to wiggle.

Each morning I wake up thinking I should go for a run. The fact that it’s written on my calendar reinforces this feeling. But then I stand up and my foot aches. So I resign myself to saying one more day of rest.

This close to a big run it’s really not worth it. I expect my cardio may not be where I want it to be. And on race day my legs might feel a little rusty from all the time off. But my foot will thank me.

Disney Princess Half Marathon, here we come!