If I were an injured animal, I’d probably be dead.


My primal urge to run backfired on me. It’s been almost two weeks since I rolled my ankle during an afternoon run. I still have bruising that goes from my toes to my knee. My foot is puffy like someone retaining water. And the only reason I have mobility is because of some metal crutches. All in all it’s pretty miserable. But on a big positive note, I’m gonna live.


I realize if I were an injured animal out in the wild, I would probably be dead.


An injured wildebeest makes a tasty treat for a pride of lions or pack of hyenas. An injured cheetah doesn’t have as much speed, which means it may have a hard time catching prey and now it may have a more difficult time escaping predators. An insect with a broken leg may shorten its lifespan by minutes. A fish that can’t swim is a fish that can’t breathe.


Now, if I were an elephant I might have a chance. A herd of elephants tend to stay with injured elephants. But I would have to be lucky enough to be an elephant.

Elephant Family

In the world of animals it seems to come down to two things, eating or being eaten. An injury makes both problematic.


I have a great pack of humans around me. They let me lie on the couch and watch TV when I am home. They let me sleep as often as I want. They bring me food and water when I am hungry or thirsty.


Thank goodness I am surrounded by a bunch of people who are willing take care of my most basic and primal needs. Without them, it wouldn’t be so easy to live.


4-6 Weeks


After some poking, prodding, and twisting, Doc says all the symptoms are consistent with a torn meniscus. Fun! That means 4-6 weeks of physical therapy along with 4-6 weeks of no running, jumping, or twisting my knee. Which translates to no running, no surfing, no SUPing, no volleyball……

DCIM101GOPRO    Amica

This injury strips me of my usual repertoire of healthy activities. Not only are these the things I do to stay physically fit but they also help me stay sane.


This means I need a new workout. So this week I tried something new.


For weeks I have been hearing tales of this amazing work out called crossfit. Rob and Chris from work share stories of bruises, bangs, and big lifts. For the past few weeks I’ve been considering checking it out. I just needed a catalyst to really motivate me. Who knew a knee injury would do the trick?


I know what your probably thinking, how can you do crossfit if you can’t do any impact or twisting? Easy, just modify exercises so it is low impact and you don’t twist.



Force Newport Crossfit (http://www.forcenewportcrossfit.com/CrossFit/) let’s you try a workout before you commit. The night I went we did box jumps (modified of course), kettle bell swings, squats, and slam balls. It was a solid workout called “three minutes of fun”.


In addition to conditioning the body, the workout forced me to be present. And that is what I need for my mental conditioning.


I have yet to commit and become an official crossfitter. But it got me thinking about other workouts I can try, like getting the dust of my yoga mat.