I want a new drug




Since my knee went out last month I have not been able to run or surf. Running and surfing are the two sports where I get a huge rush of endorphins. We can call it by a whole bunch of names, but in reality that’s how I get high.


Surfing and running also allow me to be liberal with my calorie intake. I enjoy eating and need to find a way to keep moving while my knee recovers.. I started practicing yoga again, which has been great for my back. And I joined a cross fit gym in the hope that a something new would spark my interest. Unfortunately my knee doesn’t approve of my workouts.  After almost everything I do (even those boring leg lifts) my knee feels achy. So that limits what I can do. I can’t really push myself as much as I want. And while I am moving so I can eat, the endorphins aren’t happening.


Enter- Ben and Jerry’s.


Ice cream has become my new drug. It feels really good when I am eating it, but I don’t think the affects last very long. I’ve found myself sitting in the middle of the day with an ice pack on my knee and a bowl of ice cream in my lap. My friend Kendra pointed out, eating ice cream in the middle of the day is better than doing drugs.


She is right, ice cream is a much better choice than some things I could be doing to my body. But I want a new drug. One that won’t make me fat. One that makes me feel like the take off or one that makes me feel the joy of running with no destination. I love you Ben and Jerry’s but this can’t last forever, while you lift me up for a moment, in the end I feel flat.



Thankful for Pennies


In the mind of Darcy


I must look down at the ground when I walk. I think this because I find a lot of pennies. And every time I see one, I bend down and pick it up.


It strikes me how many pennies and other bits of change you find on the side of the road, the sidewalk, or on the floor. I wonder if people don’t look down as much as I do or maybe they just don’t see loose change because it isn’t worth that much.


It’s hard to find something if you aren’t looking for it, so maybe I just look for pennies.

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Blog Selfie


In the mind of Darcy

Right now on Facebook people are sharing “things you might not know about me”.


Instead of using Facebook (and this will inevitably end up being shared there) I though it would be just as fun on my blog.

10 things you might not (or you might) know about me.

1-    My mother and my daughter are my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation.  DSC00460

2-    My dad is the reason I have passion, drive, and fight.  DSCN1859

3-    Jim is my rock and my sounding board, he reminds me to have fun and enjoy life.  DSCN1641

4-    One day I want to tell a story on the Moth and give a talk on TED.

5-    When I take things to dumpsters at night (which I don’t have to do often) I am afraid a raccoon or something will jump on me and tackle me.

6-    I really want to do…

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Legs warmers, leotards, and recovery



My road to recovery feels like a bad fashion trip to the 80s. I’ve replaced my running shoes with leotards, tights, headbands, and legwarmers. I feel like I have been dropped in the era of endless hours of aerobics choreographed to “Let’s Get Physical”.


Jumping and other impact exercises are out, and I’m singing “Let’s Get Physical Therapy”. The exercises I am doing fit nicely with the aerobics craze of the 80s, ones designed to target women’s problem areas. Hips, thighs, and buns; feel the burn ladies.


I do feel the burn. The hips, buns, and thighs are the major areas for having strong healthy knees. I learned this last year after Jim’s knee surgery.


Instead of doing squats and lunges, exercises with real appeal, I lie on my back, look at the lines in the ceiling and lift my leg. Roll on my side and lift. And then again on my stomach. Lift, roll, and repeat.


Suzanne Somer’s thigh master doesn’t have much on my workout.


My knee still feels like crap. It’s achy and yucky (pardon the technical jargon). But on a positive note, my butt and thighs are firming up nicely. Too bad it’s winter and the only thing I’ll be wearing to the beach is a wetsuit.

Birthdays, Wakes, and Celebrations


In the mind of Darcy


Last night Jim and I went to Busker’s for the first time. Busker’s is an Irish Bar in downtown Newport. Since we moved here we’ve been meaning to check it out. We’ve heard good things about them. Instead of just going we kept talking about it. After two and a half years we finally made it. Our friend Kevin was hosting a wake for his father Dave.


Jim and I only met Dave once; it was at Kevin’s birthday party. Our encounters with Dave were about life. A birthday party is to honor the day you start life. A wake is for the end of life, the end of the journey.


A wake, while it is bittersweet, is a celebration of life. People come together and pay their respects and remember. The wake wasn’t about Dave dying it was about how he lived. And from the number of…

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