Vacation Runs


Vacation, it’s a time of rest, a time of relaxation. It is a time to break from the normal routine and diet. For many this break also includes a break from working out. While a break from exercise is good, you want to make sure that you are making a temporary break not a permanent one.

I recently got back from a week of vacation at Disney World and a few weeks later, a cross-country road trip from Rhode Island to Colorado and back. Jim and I did get a big break from our normal running and workout schedule. The break felt good on the body, but we both knew too much of a break would make it that much more difficult to get back into the routine at home. We are also in a training cycle for upcoming races, the Rock n Roll half in Providence and I am gearing up for the Marine Corps Marathon. This meant a complete break was not really an option.

Jim and I both knew our training would be hampered because of our travels. This helped us temper our expectations for getting a goal time for our upcoming races. Instead we are going to focus on the fun of running and enjoy the sights and sounds of Providence and DC.

Travel and vacation puts limits on your time. You want to be sure to enjoy time with family and friends, so the long run was not an option. We were also well aware that the altitude in Colorado would be a factor on our running ability. So instead of sticking to a hard and fast training schedule, we opted for maintenance.

Our goals were defined by time and not distance. We wanted to make sure we were getting out for 20-30 minutes so we would maintain our cardio. This would keep us in good enough shape so when we returned home, we could resume our training.

Aside from getting in a workout from time to time, we were combating vacation eating. Of course we indulged in eating and drinking. So instead of not eating things, we tried to use moderation. There were times we failed, but it’s okay. The other thing we both tried to do, we keep up with hydration and eating fruits and veggies as often as we could.

Our travels have left us a little less prepared for our upcoming runs that we would like, but I’m confident we’ll be ready to cross the finish line.


Something’s gotta give


Something’s gotta give

After coming home from a Disney Vacation, I found myself sick. I felt like my head was being pushed in at the sides and I had a really fun cough. Even though I wasn’t feeling right, I kept trying to maintain my physical activities.

This proved to be a very bad idea.

I started my training plan for my half and full, have been surfing, and I have to workout with my class. Doing all three was just too much. My body was just beat. Instead of getting healthy from a good workout, all I was doing was getting more and more sick.

Though I hate cutting back I knew something had to give. And for me right now it is running. The cardio part of running is too taxing for me right now. The other day I found myself winded after walking up a small hill.

The big takeaway from this, get healthy. If you don’t you will find you are sidelined from everything.