Running is my stable life


Running is my Stable life- Kelly Johnston

Running. It does a lot for me. It doesnt just go as far as keeping me happy. It reaches way beyond that. It keeps me from feeling fat. It makes me feel more loving towards everything in my life. It keeps me stable at work when everything is going wrong. It keeps me balanced when I have five billion things coming at me all at once. It makes me feel sexy. Which in turn makes my husband happy. It keeps me from losing my marbles when my daughter poops her pants when I need to get to the airport yesterday. It makes those once size four jeans but now size six jeans feel like I am wearing a size two because of how good my ass looks and feels. It makes me feel like I can take on the world by myself when my husband deploys most of the year. It allows me to drink excessive amounts of wine without guilt. It keeps me from strangling coworkers who just get under my skin. It’s my link to my beautiful mother in law. My therapy beyond the couch. It’s my girls morning out instead of a night. It’s my husbands savor and my daughters joy ride in a stroller. It’s my way of life. The one thing that is always the to give me grace and sanity.

The myth about athletes


My friend Sarah seemed relieved to hear that avid runners have issues with motivation and sticking with workouts. These are the same things that she struggles with. I didn’t realize until she said something that there might be a myth about athletes.

We don’t wear capes. We don’t always eat healthy. We don’t always feel like getting up in the morning and go out for a really long run.

The numerous medals I have hanging next to my bed don’t give me any super powers. They are merely souvenirs from runs and reminders that I like running and staying fit.

The drawer that is bursting open with workout clothes, especially t-shirts from runs, don’t give me any extra will power. They don’t magically make me feel the urge to get out and go for a run. They don’t make me want to do lunges, squats, or planks. All they really do is fill up my dresser and act like any other regular t-shirt.

Yeah sure, when we are in full training mode and we have developed a habit of running so we tend to get a little antsy when we have day off. We might cart around fruit and keep a full bottle of water with us but that doesn’t mean we are saints when it comes to being healthy.

Rest assured athletes are people too. I would take a guess that even some of the elite athletes have their moments.

With that said, don’t be a too harsh of a critic of yourself. Do the best you can. And on the days you really say you don’t have time or just don’t want to, force yourself to do a little something. Because in the end you know you’ll feel better.

It goes so fast


Last month if you had asked me to go for a 20 mile run, I probably would have accepted without hesitation. This month if you asked me to go for a 20 mile run, I would probably suggest we go get some waffles smothered in whip cream and syrup.

What has changed in a month?

Since my last run I have been sidelined with a foot injury. I am coming back as slowly as possible to make sure the foot is better. Everything indicates my foot is healed but in the process of healing my foot I have undone everything else.

The few workouts I have done my lungs feel like they are going to collapse. I run for about 15 minutes and then stop hoping someone will come along with an oxygen tank.

The worst part for me is the desire to go running has disappeared. Immediately after the Princess run I was so eager to hit the pavement. My body craved running. The feeling has changed. The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is not let’s go for a run, I think about what to have for breakfast.

This weekend Jim and I went for a run together. There was frost on the car. I almost convinced myself it was too cold for a run.

The muscle memory will come back. With each run I’m sure I will begin to work past the pain of moving forward and move to the joy of being a runner again. I can’t wait to feel like an addict again. I’ve fallen off the wagon.

To push or not to push.


My daughter decided to try out for track and field. I have to tell you it makes me so proud. I’m so pleased that she is trying something new. I am pleased that she picked a tough sport. I did track for one season in high school and I really wish I had done more so I guess I am living vicariously through her too.


As my daughter embarks on her sports career (she is a three sport athlete right now) I am equally proud of her and equally terrified I am going to push her away from her interests. I don’t think I am a parent who feels the need to push my daughter to make her perform better and better. But sometimes I see how much potential she really has. On those occasions I try to bite my tongue and tell her if she put more effort into what she was doing she would be so much better.


For her sports is a social activity. I’ve watched her in practice, laughing, giggling, and playing around with her teammates. All the while not listening to a word that the coach is saying. It infuriates me to no end. But then I have to force myself to take a step back. She is having fun. She is out there enjoying what she is doing.


I see how talented my daughter could be if she really applied herself. If it becomes something she is truly passionate about I’m sure the talent will come out on it’s own. I just have to wait patiently for her to decide if it is something she wants. In the mean time, I just need to appreciate that she is out there playing sports.