Princess Marathon number 4, done


I am happy to say all of the coast(ie) runners who started the Princess Marathon finished. Even our spectators made it from start line, Magic Kingdom, and to the finish line again. I hear that is better than some of the people on the course. The runners saw some people being tended to by medical people at various spots along the course. But our support crew were joined by some runners on the monorail. I guess there were complaints about having to wait too long in the corral before the start. I have been on some bad runs before and it has never occurred to me to quit.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. We got to play in the Disney parks, ride lots of rides, eat lots of good food, and run a great race with nearly perfect weather.

My goal is to run the first five Princess Marathons. 1-4 done. Number 5 to go. I think we need to go much bigger next year. Jim and I are already trying to come up with a costume.

Disney can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Princesses in 2013!



The last two weeks have been rather difficult for me. I have had to make myself not go running. After being used to moving stopping is difficult. I would imagine it is nearly as difficult as asking a kid to freeze when they play freeze tag. Kids don’t like to sit still. They need to wiggle.

Each morning I wake up thinking I should go for a run. The fact that it’s written on my calendar reinforces this feeling. But then I stand up and my foot aches. So I resign myself to saying one more day of rest.

This close to a big run it’s really not worth it. I expect my cardio may not be where I want it to be. And on race day my legs might feel a little rusty from all the time off. But my foot will thank me.

Disney Princess Half Marathon, here we come!

Exercise Machine for the Brain


There seems to be workout equipment, plans, and videos for pretty much every muscle in the body. They get you big, tone, and strong. Unfortunately the part of the body that needed work for me yesterday was my head. Yes I did run 13 miles yesterday, but it wasn’t pretty. My legs were moving, my arms were swinging, I kept on shuffling the bike trail from Bristol, to Warren, to Barrington and back.

The first part was easy, at least once I got moving. Nothing hurts then. In the beginning you don’t get wrapped around how far you are going or how long it is taking. Around mile 7 something went wrong. I’m not sure if it was because I missed hearing my watch beep for my mile split or if I was just getting mentally fatigued. Though it may not have looked like it on the outside from that point on it was a mental struggle.

I missed my 8 mile split as well. And after running 8 miles I said to myself, I’ve only got 5 more to go, it did not seem to put me in the right frame of mind. Normally when I think 5 miles I visualize a nice short run, click off the miles one by one until I am finished.

Yesterday I had to fight with my mind. I wanted to stop. I wanted to be done with running for the day. I convinced myself that I was running too slow and it was a crappy training run. I kept moving and it ¬†wasn’t until mile 11 that I almost reached my breaking point. I started walking. Jim hopped off his bike to walk with me. He offered to ride ahead and pick me up at the park. I told him no.

I had to take the time to get my head back in order. I needed to put my run in perspective. And most importantly I had to finish what I had started.

In order to do this I needed to exercise the part of the body that controls the rest, my brain. Breathe, relax, and start moving, and that is what I did.

Princess Run Here We Come


In less than a week our running lives will intersect and we will meet for one more run together. For some of us it will be the first time ever meeting, for others we will be getting a chance to catch up on old times. The same goes for the course, for some it will be a brand new experience while others have run Disney races and experienced the long waits, seen the overabundance or portajohns, and been amazed at not only the extensive prestaging but the fast turn around on clean up.

I don’t know why but when I started running the Princess Race I had my goal set on running the first 5. I have to thank Trish Holmes for suggesting we run the first one in 2009. Each year it has been so very different. And this year is the first where we really have a large group running together. I think I am most excited and nervous about that.

The excitement stems from the fact that I have always seen groups of friends running these races together. And for some reason I never could get many people to get as excited about going out and running as I was. But conversely I am nervous because with other people running with me I am afraid of letting them down on the course.

With a few days left, one long training run left, and then just a taper I am more excited about this run than I have been about a run in a long time. Thank you everyone for making this happen, we’ll see you in a few days.


Two weeks left


When I woke up this morning, there was a light dusting of snow and flakes falling from the sky. After my last unhappy day of running on the treadmill I was unsure if I wanted to try the gym or brave the elements. I ended up hitting the gym. I fell short of my goal of running 12 miles, but did manage 7. Mentally I was geared up to finish, but around the 6th mile the dreaded chaffing.

Though I didn’t finish the entire run, I was pleased. With one more serious week of training runs ahead of me, I feel as though I have put in the most work for this half. I’m still undecided if I will try and get a PR or just enjoy the sights and sounds


Here we go


I know we’ve got a FB group but I think we can have some fun with a blog also. I admit I have no idea what I’m doing so part of the adventure for me will be learning how to play with this.